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Class Library is the ultimate code library for developers, teams,and enterprises
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Class Library is the ultimate code library for developers, teams, and enterprises. It provides the best collection of ready-to-use code snippets, classes, how-to’ s, and articles. It also allows you to manage your own code and share knowledge within a team by using the fully searchable code repository. Class Library provides both a full-featured standalone Code Explorer, is the Ultimate Code Library for Programmers. Get a jumpstart into programming with thousands of lines of C# and Visual Basic .NET code, JavaScript, HTML, ASP. NET. Hundreds of categories, samples, tips, how-to' s and royalty-free code makes .NET coding a snap. It comes with pre-built databases covering C#, VB. NET, JavaScript, ASP. NET, SQL, ADO. NET WEB SERVICES & HTML comprising over 7.000 Lines of Code, 260 Modules and 60 Categories.
Huge Library of Code and Information - Class Library includes hundreds of classes, code snippets, how-to' s and articles for just about every area of .NET development. C# and Visual Basic .NET versions of each item are provides along with helpful notes.
Manage Your Knowledge - Class Library provides one convenient place to manage code, knowledge and techniques for .NET. As you write new routines, or find good tips on the Internet or newsgroups, simply add them to your Sourcebook database. Finding code is now as easy as pressing a button. A full-featured color-coding editor is included with support for C#, C , VB. NET, VB6/VBA, Java, JavaScript, XML, and HTML.
Save weeks off your development projects by using our ready-to-run code.
Easy Programming - Every major area of software development is covered, from ADO to XML, with 7,000 lines of code, 260 modules and 60 categories.
Share Your Entire Team's Knowledge - Because Class Library is completely multi-user, every member of your .NET development team can share in each other's knowledge and experience. As each individual adds code or content, it instantly becomes available to the entire team.

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